10 Day Prophetic Devotional For 2013

What is God Saying About Your 2013?

None of us enter a new year hoping it will be another hum-drum, so-so, year. Whether your 2012 has been brilliant or whether it was a trial, each of us should rightly have an expectation that this year will be better than the last!

I firmly believe each new year is opportunity to start afresh. The beginning of a new year brings an opportunity to receive new encouragement, new insights and new strength to tackle the year ahead with faith and expectation.

God has good things in store for you in 2013. And there is not a better time than right now to position yourself before God to fulfil the desires of God’s heart for your year ahead.

The word and direction I have for 2013 is not like anything I have received before! It has taken me some time in prayer and in the Word to allow it to soak into my heart and prepare me for this year. But out of that time with the Lord I have prepared this ten day prophetic devotional for 2013.

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I would encourage you to sign up and over the next 10 days receive these devotionals that will feed your Spirit and help you prepare for a 2013 full of the goodness of our God.

10 thoughts on “10 Day Prophetic Devotional For 2013”

  1. If you find these devotionals a blessing to you, why don’t you leave a comment and share your thoughts! Would love to hear from you, Bruce

  2. Thanks for the 10 day devotions. Found them very encouraging to be closer to God in grow in His love. Feel God is preparing me this year for greater things. Thanks again and God bless,

  3. God is loudly speaking to all serious Christians in these deeply concerning times. It is a time of recognition that we cannot continue along the same paths as before and expect not to be under judgment. Jan 22nd is the 40 year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. We desperately need National Repentance as this has reached “critical mass”. 40 years of wandering in the wilderness is going to come to an end soon. Hopefully for America it is a time of soul searching and repentance. If not, God will make this era a time of American Reckoning.

  4. I was geared for a great year and loved reading and learning your 10 devotions. They were very uplifting. Sadly I have been knocked down by someone online and as of yet cannot get back up. It’s amazing how A million beautiful words or thoughts can be erased with but a few. I truly love your blog. Sorry for being down I am just so sad at the moment and trying anything to bring myself back to where I was for the new year.

    1. Hi Alexandra – you don’t know me but praying the Lord will encourage you and be your strength!

    2. Alexandra, I hope you are feeling better. It is sad when those we love speak negatively to us. It’s like a punch in the stomach. But its the enemy’s device to make you forget all the beautiful words you’ve heard and to focus on the few negative that were spoken. Don’t let that happen. Focus on God’s love for you.

  5. Very blessed with these devotionals, they have proven to be very encouraging and helps you refocus your life on God’s love. This is a year of completeness in Him. Greater things have yet to come!

  6. When the new year hit, i prayed that God would teach me how to love him more. All i wanted was a more intimate relationship with him, i asked for him to give me the desire to get into his word more, i even prayed psalm 86:11, psalm 63:1-4. So for me when i read the 10 day devotional i was like wow! …..the greatest commandment.

  7. I liked the 10-day eDevotional you sent because it spoke of love and that is definitely something I need to develop more in my life.

    I am a budding Christian author. I am working on getting my first book converted to electronic format to be sold to kindle owners and to be published in PDF format. I am also learning how to market the book with Facebook, PPC ads, etc. So, like you said no dramatic changes but just working on getting this book ready for the public and finishing up another. Check out my blog at http://www.aboundingwisdom.com. God bless.

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