Most Popular Devotional “How-to” Lists of 2012

Most popular devotionsReflecting on the year just gone, here is another list of edevotional’s most popular posts – “How-to’s” and lists – for the past twelve months. Check it out!

1. How to Encounter God Ebook

The most popular page on the site. Don’t have a copy of my ebook? Get it, it’s free!

2. How to Have a Devotional Time with God

Many people know they should spend time with God, but don’t know how.

3. How to Hear from God through Bible Devotions

Hearing the voice of God is a Christian’s birthright. Find out how

4. Five Great Bible Reading Plans to Give Your Devotions a Lift

Get started here!

5. Start 2012 by Hearing from God

My prophetic devotional for 2012. I have one for 2013 coming out soon! Check it out.


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