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The world we live in has a way of grinding us down.

We can often find ourselves in life’s testing and proving fires, seemingly lost and adrift from the place we want to be and what we are believing God for.

Such times can be unbearably lonely, difficult and tiring. But, if we raise our vision and adjust our view, we can also see they also produce the finest of gold in our life & character.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

-Romans 8:31b

I have been there and what I have come to realise is there is no substitute in the kingdom of God for enduring through tough times. Those times make us and shape us into who God has called us to, and ultimately, who the world around us need us to be.

Our simple, humble goal here at Life Words is to speak encouragement, life & hope to you as you go through the peaks and the troughs, the highs and the lows of walking with Jesus.

He is so incomparably amazing and without rival in the world He rules over, but often times just need to cheer one another one to finish the race, keep the faith and deliver the gold to the foot of our Lord and Saviour. That is what we hope Life Words to be.

You are loved,

R & B
Founders of Life Words
March 2016

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